The tribe Zo'é demonstrate their way of life and their perception of the world. We will know the identity of this isolated village through their daily actions. We will see learn about their relationship...

12 Native Americans Who Are Making A Difference

Inez is one of Canada’s top aboriginal musicians, and she’s used this platform to bring awareness to how Native women have been mistreated. She cites the “thousands of missing or murdered indigenous women in this land” and uses her music as a safe way to reclaim their identity and sexuality.

Counterfeit Culture is a $600 Billion Dollar Industry

This is the real Tom Ford Cross-over handbag denied to Oprah Winfrey while she was in Switzerland attending Tina Turner's wedding. The handbag retails at $38,000.00 USD. Since that story about Oprah being denied the bag hit the airwaves ~ this is the most counterfeited handbag in the world. The counterfeit industry is so lucrative that it will never disappear - NEVER! Listen to this documentary and learn why!