Although we aspire to be upbeat, positive and kind, people are acting out in rude and aggressive ways towards one another. The lack of civility is becoming the acceptable norm. Center for Folk and Community Art (“CFCA”) wanted to create an awareness of this issue. So, we reached out to teenagers for their suggestions, having them use writing and art to communicate their experiences.


Unfair! Unfair! How strongly have we felt that "life" was not fair? We’ve all experienced the burn of unfair treatment at one time or another, some life changing injustices and some real or perceived favoritism. So what did we do?

Telling Stories Through Visuals

Artists Stewart Stewart and Dena Stewart take their ARTISTS RAISE YOUR HANDS to new heights. Children that previously did not consider themselves artists are artists once they have been taught how to express themselves through painting.


These stories stimulate philosophical dialogues about ignorance that generates fear that is at the root of most prejudices and "why" prejudice is just not right!


Inspired by a song written by songwriter/musician Lanny Smith, "Love can Build Anything" was a collaborative project among students who experienced the devastation of Hurricane Andrew and artists Dena...


Even very small moves are stressful. There's packing, lifting, driving to and from, waiting around and, well, you know how it is. MOVE IT-USA and its responsible staff made the job pleasant. So Thank you.