She still wore a white man-tailored shirt with a man’s black tie, although her face now was visibly older and her un-styled, uncombed stringy black hair had turned grungy gray. “Good for her,” I thought, with admiration. She remained true to herself and did not give a damn about impressing the kings and queens and crowned princes and princesses sitting in the first few rows of the enormous concert hall in Stockholm Sweden.

Stress, Stress, Go Away!

I needed a real vacation. I had not slept in a strange bed in ten years aside from a two-night stay at Baptist Hospital after surgery, five nights in a Homestead motel, a few out-of-state conferences, and a...


NOTE: Paintings are acrylic on canvas and are available for sale. Email:  write.2.dena@gmail.com  Paintings sold on LiveAuctioneers.com  Thank you Guillermo Miralles!    Beliefs, fantasies, and...

MORE PAINTINGS by Dena Stewart

Beliefs, fantasies, and experiences are the essence of the paintings created by Visionary Artist, Dena Stewart. The first time she picked up a paintbrush, with no formal training in art, she used it to express her feelings, hopes and dreams. Dena Stewarts art work now available on SyndicatedNews.NET


As far back as I can remember, my mother and her six sisters thrived on gossip. Their favorite pastime was analyzing and judging the behavior of the famous and infamous celebrities they read about in the...