Not long ago, Illinois pharmacist and attorney Lawrence Joyce began to realize his country and his political party were facing what he considered to be a nightmare.

Concerns about the eligibility for the presidency of Republican candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas, who was born in Canada to a Cuban father and an American mother, were raised by rival Donald Trump. Though they may at first have seemed laughable, the legal case against Cruz was one Joyce, a Ben Carson supporter, thought he understood.

rabbittvplus.comThe Constitution requires the president to be a “natural born” citizen of the United States, and as far as Joyce is concerned, Cruz isn’t one.

And Cruz, who won the Iowa caucuses earlier this month, appeared to be rising in the polls. What would happen if Cruz won the Republican nomination, then was somehow disqualified from the general election?

So Joyce took action, filing a complaint with the Illinois State Board of Elections to get Cruz’s name off the primary ballot in the state.

The board dismissed the claim after a hearing officer found, as Cruz argues, that the “Candidate is a ‘natural born citizen’ by virtue of having been born in Canada to a United States citizen, thereby not causing the Candidate to have to take any steps or undergo a naturalization process to become a United States citizen.”

Joyce, not satisfied, filed an appeal in Cook County Circuit Court.

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