SARASOTA, Fla. – A deputy sheriff in Sarasota Florida attempted to murder a woman he had been robbing, fooling and stealing from for quite some time when she complained to his employer (Sarasota Sheriff’s Department) saying that he had escalated his harassment to stealing money from her too. The 79 year old, Marcia Sohl, stated that the 46-year-old Frankie Eugene Bybee a local deputy sheriff and she met in her home when he showed up to answer a service call at her house back in October of 2015.

The senior citizen trusted deputy sheriff  Bybee with her dog to take care of while she was hospitalized. The deputy sheriff has been employed as a law enforcement officer for 18 years.  While the senior was hospitalized, Deputy Sheriff Bybee offered to take care of her dog but instead, he sold it on Craigslist even though the elderly victim had paid the deputy $1,000.00 for possible .

During an investigation from a complaint the senior citizen filed claiming that Bybee was passing out checks as though they were signed by her, checks were found with the deputy sheriff’s fingerprint.

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He was placed on administrative leave. The checks totaled (payable to Bybee and his three children) totaled $65,000 and the elderly woman claims he signed those checks without her permission.

A few days later, deputy sheriff Bybee tried to  murder the woman and set up the scene to make it appear she had committed suicide.

Deputy sheriff Bybee was held without bail on attempted murder charges and other felonies.




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(Public Facebook Image) Marcia Sohl, elderly victim of Sarasota Deputy Sheriff Frankie Eugene Bybee. He robbed her to the tune of $65,000 then tried to kill her to shut her up.

About 2 months after meeting the deputy sheriff, the elderly woman called the sheriff’s office to report him claiming he was constantly harassing her.

His behavior appeared odd to the woman when he offered to take care of her dog and sold it on the Internet instead.

But when she realized he was also cashing her checks and signing them in her name – she called the authorities immediately. They began investigating the case and Bybee decided to end his problems by ending the elderly woman’s life.

He tried to kill her by forcing her to take pills, then tried to cover up the staged death by leaving the door from her house to the garage open with the car running filling the house with carbon monoxide.

“It is beyond unacceptable an individual who works in a postilion of trust and guardianship to their community and is capable of the heinous crimes like Frankie Bybee committed. It is a disgrace to this agency and to the law enforcement profession,” Sheriff Knight said.

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