[Photo above] Brazilian goalkeeper Bruno Fernandes de Souza kissing his actual wife, Ingrid de Oliveira do goleiro.

Brazilian Goalkeeper known as BRUNO was let out of prison early to sign a contract!

The soccer player has signed a two-year deal with second-tier club Boa Esporte, the team announced Monday, a month after he was released from jail for ordering the torture and murder of his ex-girlfriend, who also was the mother of his child.

Eliza Samudio, 25, showing off her baby bump.

Known to his fans by just his first name, Bruno is a popular soccer figure in Brazil and previously played for Flamengo and Atletico Mineiro.

He was allowed to walk from prison last month, 15 years before his sentence is up, while his attorneys appeal his case.

He was sentenced to 22 years in prison in 2013 after confessing to his role in the 2010 murder of 25-year-old Eliza Samudio, a former model once linked to soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

When Samudio became pregnant with Bruno’s child and sought financial support from the soccer star, he conspired with friends to have her kidnapped and held in a shed in Belo Horizonte, where she was tortured and strangled to death.

On Bruno’s orders, the assailants then disposed of Samudio’s body by feeding her dismembered body to his pet Rottweilers.

Bruno’s lawyers obtained his release on a habeas corpus after the slow-moving Brazilian courts failed to act on his appeal.

[Photo to right] In a hot pink dress, a very pregnant Eliza Samudio presented herself in Brazilian Family Court with documents to both have the court demand paternity tests as well as to demand financial support.

Bruno took this as a sign of his mistress wanting to humiliate him and his wife. Prosecutors believed that it was over this act of going to a public court in view of national press that Bruno retaliated against his mistress.

He invited friends and family alike to kidnap her and his son and hold them at an disguised location where he had her tortured and murdered then dismembered. Her parts were then fed to his rottweilers.

Photo of Bruno’s mistress before he had her dismembered. Eliza Samudio’s screams could not be heard above the loud music.

“The Brazilian president at the time, Dilma Rousseff said that “this is a barbaric crime,” former 10, according to The Guardian, following Bruno’s arrest. “The whole of Brazil is disgusted by such a barbaric and perverse crime.”

The signing struck a nerve with Brazilian fans and women’s rights groups, who viewed the leniency offered a soccer star as a disturbing sign of the country’s misogynistic culture.

“We protest both against this contract and against the willingness of the team and its sponsors to have their images linked to feminicide,” one Brazilian group, the Popular Feminist Front of Varghina, wrote in a statement on Facebook.

These are Bruno’s personal pets. Once Bruno’s friends and cousins kidnapped, beat, murdered and dismembered his mistress they fed her body parts to Bruno’s rottweilers.

A woman-killer must not be allowed a life acclaimed by the media. Bruno is no longer just a goalkeeper; his notoriety reflects the ease with which a woman’s life is forgotten in the interests of a sporting career.”

Three sponsors reportedly pulled their support of Boa Esporte after the announcement was made.

[Above]  Dayanne de Souza and Bruno arrive at court from the jail’s holding cells. While Dayanne was released it was only because they could not prove charges beyond a doubt.

Fernanda Fernanda Gomes Castro charged with kidnapping Bruno’s former mistress and baby and keeping them against their will.

Ingrid de Oliveira do goleiro kissing her husband Bruno

Ingrid de Oliveira do goleiro smiling at her husband Bruno

Ingrid de Oliveira do goleiro kissing her husband Bruno

[Photo Above]  Bruno celebrating his release from prison and return to playing soccer.

The violence and misogyny of Brazilian society was highlighted this week when a second-division club signed up a goalkeeper who was convicted of murdering his girlfriend and having her body fed to his dogs.

It is also claimed that Bruno told police Ms Samudio was ‘a whore who will not be missed by anyone’.

A Brazilian newspaper has reported that the prosecution at the trial will allege that Bruno attacked a supporter, smoked cannabis and attended orgies with fellow players.

Edson Moreira, a detective who investigated the case, told the Sunday Express: ‘An idol like Bruno, from such a major team, has turned out to be a monster.

‘We have witnesses who will testify that he turned this girl into a human sacrifice merely to try to protect his reputation.’

The trial is expected to hear that Bruno met Ms Samudio at a party held by a teammate.

‘Unfortunately for her, they slept together that night and she later discovered she was pregnant,’ Mr Moreira said. ‘When she approached de Souza and told him he was the father, he became enraged.’

In a statement to police, his cousin claimed that, led by Santos, they kidnapped Ms Samudio from a hotel in Rio de Janeiro on June 4, 2010.

He said they drove her some 220 miles to a property in Belo Horizonte which the footballer and his wife used occasionally as a weekend retreat, where Ms Samudio was tortured.

It is claimed that Santos played loud music on the stereo to drown out the woman’s screams.

Bruno, whose contract with Flamengo has been suspended, also faces charges of kidnapping, hiding a body and forming a criminal gang with intent to murder.  A variety of women presented themselves as “his woman.” You have to stop a moment to wonder why women would be attracted to a murderer in the first place.

He has maintained his innocence throughout, claiming he has a ‘clear conscience’.



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