WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Dalia Dippolito was convicted of trying to hire a hit man (who happened to be a police officer) to murder her newlywed husband to get his money and property.  Her attempt to hire a hit man, all her conversations were recorded and the police allowed her to believe the hitman she had hired had accomplished the job. When she was taken to the police station, the man she’d hired (a detective) was brought in wearing handcuffs. She was read her rights and the rest can be read below.

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Jurors in Dippolito’s third trial found that she was guilty of paying an undercover police officer, who was posing as a hit man, to kill her husband in 2009.Dippolito, 34, was convicted of solicitation to commit first-degree murder in 2011 and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. The Fourth District Court of Appeal reversed the conviction in 2014.

Her second trial last year ended in a mistrial, with the jury deadlocked 3-3.

Prosecutors alleged in Dippolito’s previous trials that she offered an undercover officer $7,000 to kill her then-husband.

Dippolito’s ex-husband, Mike Dippolito, testified against her in the first and third trial.

“We got along really well,” he testified last week. “We had fun together. We did a lot of things. She got me to do things I wouldn’t do.”

Mike Dippolito claimed that his ex-wife stole more than $100,000 in restitution money from him and tried to get him arrested.

The felon testified that his former wife persuaded him to give her the money so that she could help him get off probation. He said he never saw the money again.

Dalia Dippolito was immediately remanded into custody and her bond was revoked.


(Deceased) Michael Stanley was Dalia Dippolito’s lover with whom she exchanged hundreds of x-rated text messages.

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