Little Rock, ARKANSAS| While the rest of the country was downing shots of whiskey to help them swallow the American political situation, a very pretty 16-year old blonde with some extremely familiar features presented a paternity action lawsuit before an Arkansas state court.

Her claim is that the former President of the United States, William Jefferson Clinton, is her biological dad.

Alyssa Gilmore claims that her mother, a former secretary of the oval office named Whitney Gilmore, had an affair with President Clinton between 1998 and 2001. She says she was born out of that relationship, and demands that Mr. Clinton undergoes a paternity test to prove that her story is true.

She must have had some very solid evidence because once Judge Henri Watkins of the Arkansas state court, rapidly decided that Ms. Gilmore had enough evidence to support her demand and announced that the presentation of the evidence will begin on March 19.



“I know Bill Clinton is my father” says the young girl. “I have many pictures of my mother and him  and I know they were in love. He even gave me présents for Christmas and my birthdays when I was a kid, before he left my mother.  I have spent many years writing him letters and calling him, hoping he would come back in my life.

At first, he would write back and we spoke on the phone regularly, but he doesn’t even answer anymore.  I just want him to take his responsibilities and recognize that he is my father, that’s all.”


Bill Clinton was no where to be seen at the Arkansas courthouse in Little Rock, but try as he may, the press was waiting for him outside less than an hour after the judge’s ruling. They were waiting for him in Washington, D.C.

Of course, “he had no physical relations with that woman,” and as he has done before, he said he never had an affair with his former secretary (Ms. Gilmore) and said that he is not the father of her teen.

He also said that the filing is timed perfectly to ruin his wife’s chances for her Presidential aspirations in November.

“Whitney was indeed my secretary, and she has been a friend of both my wife and I for many years” said Bill Clinton. “I have worked with her for a few years, and I have met her daughter a few times. But we never had any sexual relationship and  I am not the father of Alyssa Gilmore.

He claimed the paternity filing was timed to create a diversion and that it was orchestrated by the Republican party to ruin Hillary’s plans. He said he wanted to get this over with as soon as possible.  A dangerous line that when either Hillary or Bill Cli

nton have said it in the past, unusual things begin to happen.

This whole thing is just a diversion created by the Republican party to ruin Hillary’s chances in the run for presidency. I want to get this over with as soon as possible.”

This is not the first time that Bill Clinton is involved in an adultery-related scandal. The most famous case is of course, when he was forced to admit that he had actually enjoyed an “inappropriate relationship” with Monica Lewinsky while she worked at the White House in 1995 and 1996.

A long line of women have come forward claiming to have been his mistresses and several  Mr. Clinton or that they were victims of sexual misbehavior on his part. These include Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddick,  Kathleen Willey,  Elizabeth Ward Gracen and Dolly Kyle Browning.



Many political experts believe that no matter how this court case ends, this new story of adultery has reminded the population of the Clinton couple’s particular relationship and story. They think it could therefore certainly have a very negative impact on Hillary’s chances of being the presidential candidate of the Democratic party for the next presidential election.



David and Barbara Mikkelson

Hillary Clinton operatives have embarrassingly tried to resurrect SNOPES by giving them lots of business this season. They have tried to make the couple seem respectable by counting on the public being foolish enough to believe this uneducated couple.

David and Barbara Mikkelson pictured above;  are from San Fernando Valley of California. They started their website  ‘Snopes’  about 13 years ago. After a few years it began gaining popularity as people believed it to be unbiased and neutral. But over the past couple of years people started asking questions when ‘Snopes’ was proven wrong in a number of their conclusions. There were also criticisms the Mikkelsons were not really investigating and getting to the ‘true’ bottom of various issues, but rather asserting their beliefs in controversial issues.




In 2008, State Farm agent Bud Gregg hoisted a political sign in Mandeville, Louisiana referencing Barack Obama and made a big splash across the internet. The Mikkelson’s were quick to “research” this issue and post their condemnation of it on In their statement they claimed the corporate office of State Farm pressured Mr. Gregg into taking down the sign.

In fact, nothing of the sort ever took place. A friend of Mr. Gregg personally contacted David Mikkelson to alert him of the factual inaccuracy, leaving him Mr. Gregg’s contact phone numbers. Mr. Mikkelson was told that Mr. Gregg would give him the phone numbers to the big exec’s at State Farm in Illinois who would inform them that they had never pressured Mr. Gregg to take down his sign.

But the Mikkelson’s never called Mr. Gregg. In fact, Mr. Gregg found out that no one from had ever contacted any one with State Farm. Yet, has kept their false story of Mr. Gregg up to this day, as the “final factual word” on the issue.

What is behind Snopes’ selfish motivation? A simple review of their “fact-checking” reveals a strong tendency to explain away criticisms towards liberal politicians and public figures while giving conservatives the hatchet job. Religious stories and issues are similarly shown no mercy. With the “main-stream” media quickly losing all credibility with their fawning treatment of President Obama, Snopes is being singled out, along with MSNBC and others, as being particularly biased and agenda-modivated.

The release of Hillary Clinton’s, the DNC’s and the Clinton Global Initiative files have more than proven that collusion between the DNC, Democrats, CNN staff members and others definitely took place. The democratic hopefuls worked stealthily against both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

So if you really want to know the truth about a story or a rumor you have heard, by all means do not go to!  You could do just as well if you were a liberal with an internet connection. Don’t go to either as their team of amateur editors have also been caught in a number of bold-faced liberal-biased untruths. (Such as Wikigate and their religious treatment of Obama.)

Take anything these sites say with a grain of salt and an understanding that they are written by people with a motive to criticize all things conservative. Use them only to lead you to solid references where you can read their sources for yourself.

Plus, you can always Google a subject and do the research yourself. It now seems apparent that’s all the Mikkelson’s do.


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