When Bill Clinton hired Janet Reno to fire all 93 Attorneys General, the press reported it like any other news.

Why should it be a problem now? It’s not a problem, in fact, when Bill Clinton was getting oral sex from Monica Lewinsky in the White House, the press was fine with that too and the incident became fodder for late night hosts and comedians.

For years now, Preet Bharara, the New York State Attorney General has made it a point to appear on magazine covers as the hot shot who ate Manhattan. Last week, a list of all Attorneys General appointed by Barack Obama were told to hand in their resignations. It is not unusual or a cruel gesture. It is tradition that when a new administration comes in, the new administration asks for the nation’s attorney generals of the opposing party to be “of like minds and politics.”  It is not done out of malice. It is a national tradition handed down from one administration to the next.

All 48 of them received their personal letters instructing them to submit their resignations and all immediately followed suit as has always been tradition. Breet Bharara was personally called by President Trump by phone but Bharara followed protocol and did not answer the telephone even though he knew it was President Trump that was ringing him on the phone. He listened to the phone ring and did not answer it – nothing Bharara could have done after this would have helped. Not using his common sense to answer the phone when he knew it was President Trump on the line would help him now. Bharara would soon realize it was his last and major mistake.

Anyone with the least amount of common sense, knows that when President Trump is on the line and you choose not to answer the phone, it will be his last interaction with you. No one allows Mr. Donald Trump who is now the President of the United States to ring one’s phone and does not pick up the receiver. You don’t ever want to be in that position but that’s exactly what Bharara did.

Bharara, knowing he had not picked up the phone when the President called him, knew he had to go see President Trump at the Trump Tower at once and took off towards the Tower immediately.

On arrival to Trump Tower, Bharara was immediately escorted to President Trump where Bharara asked the President if he too had to submit his resignation since he had been assured in November that he could stay. The President told Bharara that he could stay in his position. The President also instructed Bharara that on his way out of the Tower, he should address the press and tell them that he was staying in his position.

In a failed attempt to one up President Trump, Bharara left President Trump’s office, and headed to the lobby and addressed the press. To his own demise, he did not tell the assembled press that he had come running to see the President to beg for his job. Instead, he told the press that he had not submitted his resignation and that it was the reason he had been fired.

Sadly for Bharara, that ambitious Hollywood move was viewed as trying to outsmart or one-up the President of the United States. At that point – Bharara had put his own firing back into effect. If he winds up being able to stay, he can thank President Trump for that and if he remains fired, he has no one to thank but himself.

Preet Bharara, left, and Dalya Bharara, right, attend 2016 Time 100 Gala



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