The Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) was instituted to provide the Bankcoin Reserve community with security and a stable price & mechanism (troy oz of gold).

The Bankcoin Reserve is a self regulated Reserve and complies with all national and international regulations.

Bankcoin Price: Bankcoin Reserve (BCR). Fixing levels are set per Bankcoin Reserve. Bankcoin Reserve sets the price for Bankcoin Reserve which is globally considered the international standard for pricing of Bankcoin Reserve.

The Bankcoin Reserve price is now set on the 1st of every month. At this point the price is announced as the ‘Fixed’ price for Bankcoin Reserve and all business is conducted on the basis of that price.

We look forward to working with governments, policy makers, regulators including those in the financial sector to develop, implement, improve and strengthen the regulatory framework surrounding Bankcoin Reserve.

The cryptocurrency holds eight Government issued and “granted” patents.




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