Latin American Blockchain Forum

[Los Cabos, Mexico Baja California Sur]  During the 9th and 10th of November of this year the “Latin American Blockchain Forum” took place in the beautiful resort town of San Jose, Los Cabos, Mexico.

Mexico has become a world leader in the use of both cryptocurrency, Blockchain and technology in general.

Outstanding figures from the world of cryptocurrencies met with other interested parties such as Dr. Robert Khan, director and president of the Corporation for National Research Initiatives and known as “The Father of the Internet.”

Gary McAlister, Chairman of Bankcoinreserve and Nina Taylor of AAABlockchain traveled 20 hours from Australia to attend the conference. Members of SNN.BZ thoroughly enjoyed meeting their Australian friends in Mexico to inaugurate the addition of Bankcoin to the BAEX.Global Cryptocurrency Exchange in Mexico City, Mexico. 

When attending on behalf of the municipal president Cristian Amador Meza, municipal director of Computer and Systems, stressed that as XII City Council welcomed technological innovation and that their municipality was pleased to serve as headquarters for this event. Meza said that the event placed the community in a leading role now. Mexico is not just using Blockchain and cryptocurrency technology regionally but at a national and international level. 


Daniel Spuller, Rabbi Nathan Segal and his son Rabbi Yosef Segal

Rabbis Nathan Segal and Yosef Segal of New York City attended the conference and Rabbi Nathan Segal gave the opening blessing.  Eduardo Quezada, his wife Dora Quezada and their son Carlos Quezada from California also attended. We were also joined by Conrado Quezada and his son whom both live in Mexico. Both father and son are commercial photographers in their respective cities in Mexico.


Ruthie Barrows and Carlos Carduño GreenbergTraurig, Mexico.

Carlos Carduño is an attorney from GreenbergTraurig’s Mexico City Office now representing the company’s interest south of the border. The law firm’s representation now extends to Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

He pointed out that it is public knowledge that cryptocurrencies and technologies in monetary and financial values ​​are already an international issue, therefore in Mexico the law platform is being improved to include and regulate this type of currency, creating an option in economic matters.

Gary McAlister and Miguel Lopez of TELCOMIURE

Amador Meza stressed that there is a distinction between being able to participate in this type of event and having them scheduled in very distant locations hoping that forums of this nature or any other type of technology will continue to be held in his municipality.

Finally, he commented that it was attended by Dr. Gustavo Rodolfo Cruz Chávez, rector of the Autonomous University of Baja California Sur; Aurelio Ortiz Zambrano, Secretary of State Economy and Karina Avilés, president and founder of Bankcoin Global, who gave words of welcome to the forum.

Conrado, Carlos, and Eduardo Quezada, Ruthie Barrows and Dora Quezada

Ruthie Barrows, Pres. of SyndicatedNews.NET of Titusville, Florida (the Spacecoast) and David McNulty of Orlando (Business Mngr) traveled to Los Cabos, Mexico to join the Conference.

Whatever we call it, be it Digital Dollars, Cryptocurrency or Tokens, the time to replace old fashioned paper currency with a digital version is already here.

Cryptocurrency is being used around the globe because it is completely transparent and there is little wiggle room for corruption. Naturally, the banking powers-that-be wish to keep the status quo where they moved millions of dollars repeatedly enough that eventually the bank couldn’t tell where the money was moved to or whether it was removed all together. 

Cryptocurrency is transparent. It not only identifies current transactions and those scheduled for future activity but it also identifies banking activity retroactively. Bankers are not very keen on the transparency aspect of cryptocurrency for a multitude of reasons. The main reason most stated by the banking industry is that cryptocurrency removes their ability to make “discretionary financial decisions” that bankers wish to continue making without oversight. 

But the most important aspect of Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain has been made clear and evident globally by none other than Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan himself. 

Jamie Dimon holds too many hats at JPMorgan

While publicly preaching about and demonizing Bitcoin and Blockchain, Dimon has been secretly and hypocritically investing time and billions of JPMorgan’s money attempting to patent Bitcoin and Blockchain in secret.

Shareholders have had little or no say in Dimon’s decisions.  A public Google document that includes the 175 patent rejections of Dimon’s alternative payment system offerings are online for review.

To date, the patent office has rejected 175 of Jamie Dimon’s patent attempts while he publicly claimed that patenting had no value.

Dimon’s 175 repeated patent attempts and their 175 rejections prove undoubtedly that patented Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are indeed extremely valuable.

Consulting to determine your company’s need for patented AAABlockchain is available by contacting Dr. Koller (formerly with NASA) at

Both Bankcoin and AAABlockchain are patented products.

Gary McAlister of Bankcoinreserve and Nina Taylor of AAABlockchain were wise to patent their products in Australia early on as Australia is a member of the BERNE Accord along with the United States, Mexico and hundreds of other countries whose Accord is to respect and honor member country patents.

Click the image below to view all Bankcoin and AAABlockchain granted patents:

Bankcoinreserve products Bankcoin and AAABlockchain patents have been licensed to Bankcoin.Global of Mexico City, Mexico. 

At this time however, U.S. persons are not invited to access BAEX.Global exchange until further notice from the US Government.

Persons in most other countries can indeed obtain Bankcoins at their current price of $1,375.00 usd.  

Bankcoin is Registered (®) and Patents have been GRANTED (they are not pending).




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