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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia – Bankcoin Reserve Chairman, Gary McAlister announced an agreement with the United Nations in relation to its Millennium Development Fund would be a positive step forward for the Bankcoin Reserve.

McAlister believes an agreement is the best way to formulate a voluntary contribution of Bankcoin on behalf of the transactions made throughout the Bankcoin network.


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It is estimated 1M Bankcoin could mint up to 10% 100,000 Bankcoin pa and therefore could provide, at today’s Bankcoin price, approximately $130M pa which can be audited by a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact Australia. Bankcoin is the world’s only Crypto currency which is indexed to the 1 oz gold price.

“The United Nations does incredible work on behalf of us all and needs all the support we can give. Since the Millennium development fund has 192 countries signed up to it, this is a fair way the Bankcoin Reserve can contribute to each country without actually having to deal with each country due to time constraints.

I understand the amount is not a lot but it’s a first step and I am sure over time it will grow” said McAlister. Countries and governments are starting to understand the Bitcoin platform and the many benefits it can add to their respective countries in the form of innovation, job creation, tax receipts, sustainable growth, economic activity and most of all investment, so Bankcoin is definitely on the right path forming strategic partnerships of the UN’s caliber.

James Rickards, Jim Sinclair well known in the fields of currency and gold are advocating moving to gold and stable currencies so the addition of Bankcoin to your basket of currencies would be a good move. Also if you are unable to acquire physical gold then move into Bankcoin as it is the same thing. It has no relationship to paper gold – it is a completely separate financial structure and you own and control it. That’s the great thing about the Bitcoin protocol/platform – it is decentralized.

McAlister says: “Private investors around the world, if you believe in what the Bankcoin Reserve is doing then support us by investing in your own Bankcoin.

Once you have acquired Bankcoin you can then look at all the opportunities that Bankcoin can open up for you; start a trade exchange where current gold traders can go to trade Bankcoin, as it is the same price and has the same fluctuations; start a brokerage where you can broker Bankcoin deals.

You only need to look at Bitcoin and the endless opportunities it is creating around the world, and in every sector, to understand what a great opportunity Bankcoin is if you get in now.

Investors remember Bankcoin mints the transaction fees so you have a return without even doing anything. This is of course subject to transaction volume and at this stage there is not a lot, however a trade exchange would certainly change that.”

About Us:

The Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) does not sell Bankcoin; it was instituted to provide the Bankcoin community with security and a stable price & mechanism which we have delivered. The Bankcoin Reserve has 10M Bankcoin as a security position should any issues arise throughout the Bankcoin network. The Bankcoin Reserve is a self-regulated reserve and complies with all national and international regulations.

Act today support the Bankcoin Reserve, support job creation and innovation in your country, support the great work the UN does around the world contact us today.

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