Unfair! Unfair! How strongly have we felt that "life" was not fair? We’ve all experienced the burn of unfair treatment at one time or another, some life changing injustices and some real or perceived favoritism. So what did we do?


When a young boy brings a loaded gun to school, his mother reacts by galvanizing the women in town to wage a "sex strike" until the men get rid of their firearms. Using all the NRA clichés, this satire helped expose the NRA as a small, but very vocal lobby whose mission is really to sell more guns rather than look out for the welfare of the people they supposedly represent.


Carrie Pilby and Chronically Metropolitan touched on blatant flaws in others, compromise in perceptions, awareness of own limitations, and willingness to accept life, as it is, and go on with inner strength. Both films had well-known stars, were wonderfully acted, and had engaging characters.


If you knew that you had only one day to live, how would you live it? Would you think about the way you treat people, spend your time and how you would like to be remembered? BEFORE I FALL is a story that resonates with people of all ages. Thumbs up on this one.


In Episode 65 of Alive on South Beach, at the 2017 NATPE Miami Expo (National Association of Television Program Executives) Dena and Stewart spoke with reality star Brooke Hogan, along with several television content providers and hopefuls. Barney Rosenzweig, Television Producer visited the Stewarts in their studio to talk about his current interests, and at the Miami Book Fair, Tom Austin, former night-life columnist talks about his most memorable times on South Beach.


Three college students, Elliot and John who were childhood friends, and Elliot’s girlfriend Sasha, rent a creepy old house off campus. Yes, a murder had been committed in this house many years before. In the drawer of a night table stored in the basement, they discover a paper with writing that repeats the words (around the entire page) “Don’t Say it; Don’t Think It”. Hidden beneath the paper is a scratched-out drawing of “IT” – The Bye Bye Man. With the power of this evil now released, the three friends must combat extreme paranoia and vivid hallucinations (or realities?)


Episode 64 of Alive on South Beach features Art Basel|Miami Beach; Jazz Stylist Nicole Henry; Brit Week; Miami Book Fair authors who talk about magic mushrooms and religion, and another author who talks about the exciting life of a celebrity bodyguard.


JACKIE (Natalie Portman) was portrayed as a chain-smoking, controlling, self-preserving manipulator who, interspersed with heart-breaking grief and trauma over her personal loss, was determined to choreograph her husband’s funeral so that his legacy and her image would remain the Camelot version the Country had entitled the young, beautiful First Family.


The Starship Avalon is on a voyage transporting over 5,000 colonists to Homestead II, a planet so far from Earth the journey takes 120 years. The colonists are placed into hibernation for the journey, but a malfunction wakes up a passenger, mechanical engineer Jim Preston (Chris Pratt), 90 years early.


COLLATERAL BEAUTY made an impression on us. Without giving away the story, which had several layers subtly crafted together so that the ending was thought provoking and inspirational, I was touched by all the characters, each, individually, needing to confront LOVE , TIME or DEATH.


She still wore a white man-tailored shirt with a man’s black tie, although her face now was visibly older and her un-styled, uncombed stringy black hair had turned grungy gray. “Good for her,” I thought, with admiration. She remained true to herself and did not give a damn about impressing the kings and queens and crowned princes and princesses sitting in the first few rows of the enormous concert hall in Stockholm Sweden.


LaLa Land starts off with an over the top theatrical number (dance and song) on the Los Angeles freeway. Then it becomes a jukebox musical that tells a story.


1st ANNUAL SOUTH BEACH JAZZ FESTIVAL - Each musical performance will showcase the artistry of at least one person with a disability. The sheer talent of the artists will promote the festival’s dual goal, to entertain, and to define others by ability rather than disability.


Throughout medieval Christianity, religious works of art emerged to illustrate the teachings of the Bible. Much of the artwork and icons have images of psychoactive mushrooms and plants. Using this visual evidence to document the role of visionary plants in Christianity,“The Psychedelic Gospels" reveals that Christianity may indeed have had a psychedelic history.


Miami Dade College’s Miami Film Festival is in March (2017), however we attended the pre-Festival unveiling of the 34th edition official poster by Argentinian designer, photographer and graphic artist Juan Gatti, founder of Gatti Studios in Madrid. This event, which also featured Gatti’s most iconic credit sequence designs, “Juan Gatti Work Throughout the Years” was the kickoff for Miami Film Festival’s GEMS.


THE ACCOUNTANT starts off as a story about a family torn apart by how to treat the violent tantrums of their younger son – Christian “Chris” Wolff who is autistic. Chris grows up to be an Accountant. As a mathematical savant, he uses his genius to cook the books of criminal organizations ... and the story then becomes a mystery thriller.


On April 20th, 2010, one of the world’s largest man-made disasters occurred on the Deepwater Horizon oil-drilling rig; 200 million gallons of oil spilled into U.S. waters. Eleven (11) oil rig workers lost their lives in the explosion; another 17 were injured. More than 8,000 animals died.


With the movie "SNOWDEN" (about Edward Snowden) recently released, and Julian Assange threatening to publish more secrets on WikiLeaks, my friend and I got into talking about the various degrees of whistleblowing and the categories they fall into, such as provocateurs, agents and activists. With the "Freedom of Information Act" the question of "what is acceptable and what is traitorous?" is a hot topic.


No matter how wonderful, honorable or heroic your actions are, and regardless of the successful results achieved by your deeds, there are always those who attempt to minimize, sully, or destroy your name and your glory – even if you are Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger.