dena filming 7x5As the camera-person and video editor, I have the luxury to study the actions, reactions and interactions between Stewart and our on-camera guests. I get to see their warts and hear their nervous chatter. I also witness them being charming, interesting, informative and entertaining. My peek behind the scenes leads me to say that every character and every episode of Alive on South Beach is unique, passionate, engaging and real.

This episode of Alive on South Beach (#60) opens with a shout out fart basel logo1rom Todd Chrisley (self-made millionaire star of the very funny USA Network television reality series Chrisley Knows Best).

Sylvester Stallone - at Design MiamiAs we do every year, Stewart and I went to Art Basel|Miami Beach and its satellite fairs. The paintings and installations, photographs, furniture, murals and sculptures, always generate stD&S on swing, by Henry Perezimulating conversations about ART and what is subjective, objective, and from what perspective. But even more fun are the colorful people who ARE the SHOW (Sylvester Stallone, for example at DesignMiami/Basel), and the generosity of some of the hotels that give the locals an extra Art Basel treat, such as the Sagamore Hotel and its annual Art Basel Saturday Brunch.

And, as we also do every year, Stewart and I went to the 32nd Miami Book Fair International where we met an assorted bunch of authors. In this episode, LeaLea Black - Red Carpets & White Lies book cover Black, known for her role in the Real Housewives of Miami, as well as her star-studded charity event The Blacks’ Annual Gala, talks about her must-read gossipy novel, Red Carpet/White Lies. And, while we were at the Fair, we ran into President Obama’s Inaugural poet, Richard Blanco.Richard Blanco 7x6

Of course, with events such as the Hess Select Miami Beach Sea Food Festival and the 19th Americas Food & Beverage Show and Conference in town, Stewart and I tasted some delicious and some not-slogo2o good food.SouthBeachSeafoodFestival_Logo_OptionsE_Final

We also stopped by to wish Harvey Burstein congratulations on the 10th Anniversary of MiamiArtZine.Com.

We end our show with a shout out from the one-and-only Mitchell Kaplan, Producer of the Miami Book Fair International and owner of Books & Books.Miami_Book_Fair_logo_101014 (1)

Future episodes of Alive on South Beach will feature some of the other authors we met at the Fair. Some of Stewart’s conversations will be on Stewart @ 6 and 6 – Stewart’s radio show on LIVE365/SyndicatedNews. Stewart @ 6 and 6 will be heard on wireless devices daily at 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., and for anyone who misses it at those specific hours, it can be heard any time on CONVERSATIONS – a subsection of SyndicatedNews.NET … ALIVE+ …

Thank you Brigette Andrade for including us in your Miami Beach Centennus in Bibi's comic bookial collector’s edition Comic Book, The Adventures of Bibi & Friends.

Some of the authors we spoke with about their books include, but are not limited to:

Howard Axelrod (The Point of Vanishing- a Memoir of Two Years in Solitude); Ada Calhoun (St. Marks is Dead); Linda Gassenheimer, NPR food reporter and Miami Herald columnist (No Fuss – Diabetes Desserts); Leonard Pitts, Jr., Miami Herald syndicated columnist (Grant Park); Gerald Posner (God’s Bankers – A History of Money and Power at the Vatican); Asher Price (Year of the Dunk – a modest defiance of gravity); Michael Sallah and Mitch Weiss, Pulitzer Prize winning reporters (The Yankee Comandante, the Untold Story of Courage, Passion, and One American’s Fight to Liberate Cuba); Nathan Ward (The Lost Detective – Becoming Dashiell Hammett).

Still photos at Hess Select Miami Beach Sea Food Festival courtesy of Mike Tran Photography.

Photo of Dena and Stewart on the swing at the Sagamore Hotel (The Art Hotel) Art Basel Brunch courtesy of Henry Perez.

THANK YOU:  Alice and Jay Orlow, June Dressler and David Polansky, Julie Glasgow CPA, Masses-Valera, CPA

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