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Episode 47 of Alive on South Beach visits ART BASEL|MIAMI BEACH, 2013.  With fanfare and enthusiasm, Art Basel came to town this year bringing with it fabulous paintings and art installations, highbrow art dealers and deep-pocketed buyers, satellite art shows in big tents and in hotel rooms, elaborate VIP parties, and the assorted super star celebrities who added to the excitement of this annual, mind-boggling, culture-saturated event. Needless to say, all of Miami became a fabulous playground for visitors, tourists and of course, the eccentric, creative locals, including artists/SyndicatedNews.NET journalists Dena Stewart and Stewart Stewart, who participated in as many fun-filled activities they happened on during their whirlwind art-viewing spree. Meet some of the colorful people they saw along the way.

Also in this episode, Stewart talks with Joseph Brown, the producer of The NBA Penis Monologues, a Broadway show that gives a platform for former NBA pro-athletes to talk about the trials and tribulations of being an All-Star player earning millions of dollars during their careers and then waking up one day to discover their playing days are over and their excesses during the up years left them with heavy financial debt, several demanding baby-mamas and children they barely know. “I was depicted negatively and I want the truth about me to be known. This show gives me an opportunity to tell people what I’m really all about. It’s very therapeutic,” said former Miami Heat’s Chris Gatling, one of the featured stars of The Penis Monologue Panels.

Dena and Stewart also recommended two movies they recently saw: “The Book Thief” and “Dallas Buyers Club”. “Both are thought provoking, well-acted, and very worthwhile seeing,” they agreed.

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