Stewart and I recently went to New York. Being native New Yorkers (born and bred Manhattanites before moving to Miami Beach), we hadn’t been back in several years and looked forward to visiting the “new and/or improved” attractions we had missed since our last trip. As long-time, long-distance walkers we meandered from street to street, avenue to avenue, north and south, east and west. We tasted the ethnic foods, gourmet cuisines, home-style cooking, exotic delicacies and delicious desserts from the best and worst restaurants, food trucks, cafes and pizza stands. We replaced broken camera equipment and bought cold-weather clothes we have no use for in Florida. We looked at art in galleries and museums, heard some music in both Washington Square and Central Park. We marveled at the West Side High Line – New York’s Park in the Sky – and renewed our love for freedom at the Freedom Memorial Tower. We saw a Broadway show and talked to interesting people we met along the way. We decided that the new and improved Times Square is like a sanitized version of Lincoln Road, every chain store in New York is also in South Beach, and the only and I mean ONLY place to get a real bagel is in New York.

So, sit back and enjoy Episode 59 “Alive on South Beach in New York”.

on-your-feet- 6x4Emilio Estefan invited us to get on our feet when we visited New York, so we did.  “On Your Feet!”; Then we met up with Mireya Ramos, leader of Flor de Toloache, Mariachi-Flor-de-Toloache 6x4the first all-female Mariachi Band. We stopped at some promotional food trucks to see what they were giving away: To celebrate its 150th Anniversary, Bertolli Sauces gave away four different pasta dishes; and to celebrate Clinique’s new online beauty magazine TheWINK, they were handing out cotton candy and cosmetics. We discovered the best babka in New York at Breads Bakery on 16th Street off Union Square (Heather); and at Times Square, Stewart discovered des farm 6x4 Lastly, we had the most incredible Chinese food at Red Farm Restaurant (529 Hudson Street in the West Village) and reminisced with its owner, the New York Time’s selected “Curator of Chinese Food in America” Eddie Schoenfeld, who we knew from the days of Uncle Tai’s Hunan Yuan, the 4-star rated Chinese Restaurant that introduced Hunan Cuisine and “General Tso’s Chicken” to the United States.




THANK YOU:  Alice and Jay Orlow, June Dressler and David Polansky, Julie Glasgow CPA, Masses-Valera, CPA

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