ALIVE ON SOUTH BEACH is back with a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

We welcomed the annual Miami Home Design and Remodeling Show  where, in addition to seeing some unique decorating and landscaping options, we sipped Shiraz and nibbled a variety of foods – and discovered that the same wine tasted different with each bite.


Then … Hurricane Irma hit and disrupted our lives. Stressed and tired, we needed a vacation. 


But first, we went to the South Beach Seafood Festival.  At the VIP Chef Showdown, with 16 of Miami’s most progressive and celebrated chefs competing for the Best Chef title, we got to pick our winner.

And during the day of the Festival, well … a joyous time was had by all!  






Then we went to New York … as tourists and stayed midtown at  the ideally located, charming Wellington Hotel on 55th Street and 7th Avenue.


As long-distance walkers we hiked the city and returned to South Beach energized and ready to begin the Miami Social Season.


Photographs of the SoBe Seafood Festival courtesy of Mike Trainer.