Episode 55 of “Alive on South Beach” begins with a shout out from World Champion, Olympian Gold Medalist Boxer Oscar De La Hoya.

Then, at the NATPE Conference (National Association of Television Programming Executives), Stewart has a brief conversation with Norman Lear, who reveals the secret of why his politically incorrect shows “All in the Family”, “The Jeffersons” and “Maude” were so instrumental in getting people to think about their own prejudices.

Also at NATPE, Stewart talks with Rod Perth, President and CEO of NATPE, and attends the first annual “NATPE Award” ceremony luncheon hosted by Howie Mandel in which “Chrisley Knows Best” won for best “Docu-Soap” … followed, of course by a brief conversation with Todd Chrisley.

The next segment, “Taste of the Garden” includes a conversations with Naomi Wilzig, owner of WEAM (World Erotic Art Museum), who recently celebrated her 80th birthday with a huge party that included a burlesque show.

Sandy Shapiro, Taste of the Garden event coordinator,  talked about the decade of good taste at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden.

Donna Alufahai, founder of the delicious shortbread ROYALTY COOKIES told Stewart, to his dismay, that these incredible cookies are NOT non-fattening!

And Chef Norman Van Aken talked about his New World Cuisine.

The last segment introduces James Echols and Annette Peikert, co-founders of Life is Art – Miami, a non-profit organization that helps artists thrive in Miami and, at the annual Art Deco Weekend on Ocean Drive,  Stewart talks with artists Gilles Hurtaud and Glenda Ramos who are thriving in Miami!

Towards the end, Dena gives a shout-out to Arts at St. Johns regarding CONVIVENCIA , a six month program  of dance, music, art exhibits, comedy, and panel discussions that remind us that centuries ago in Grenada Spain, Muslims, Christians and Jews lived together in harmony and were all the more better economically as a result of their convivial relationships … so why isn’t that happening now?

Episode 55 closes with a shout out from Shep Gordon, the “Super Mensch” portrayed in a Screen Actors Guild “SAG” Award-nominated documentary by Mike Meyers.

Intro music by Stephan Mikes. Closing music by John McEuen.

Shameless Plug: “Inner Peace…It Isn’t Out There!” a novelesque memoire by Dena Stewart

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