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By John McEuen…

I have lived in hotels about 45% of my life in my past 45 years of traveling, and had a place as nice as the Ambassade about 4 or 5 times.


It has things that make a place great, but are often difficult to find together: a perfect room with everything one needs, a great ambiance and a staff and that makes you feel welcome and people who seem like they are glad when you come back – even if you have never been there!

They create a feeling like it is your own place, one you are glad to get back to after roaming the great city of Amsterdam – and with 24 hour room service!


If you like the feeling of having your own private butler, anytime a question arises about, well anything, this is your place.For me, all concerns were immediately addressed and taken care of – from a big hot water pot at midnight for late tea, to extra towels, to maps, to tickets for the spa or a countryside excursion, all were immediately taken care of as if I had a secretary.


They also can put everything like this on your bill so you don’t have to deal with so many details – even the cab to the airport can be billed to your room.

While there (3 nights) I watched new people check in, and watched a few who had been there a while, and all were treated by the staff as if the hotel wanted to make sure the guests had everything they needed the moment it came up.

The hotel’s breakfast offerings were everything I wanted and more, all freshly prepared and brought out quickly, no matter if there were 10 people in the breakfast room or just a few.


That was another thing I noticed – although it was booked up, it never seemed crowded.

In fact, I don’t think I saw more than 5 or 6 other people at any given time. This was probably because, as some say, it is all about “location location”, and the Ambassade is perfectly situated in that regard, as it is a few minutes walk to some of the world’s greatest paintings in the city they were painted in, to great museums, to the main shopping areas, nightlife… all of it.

But, it is just far enough away to not have any of the traffic one gets from such proximity. Many guests seemed to take advantage of that, and roamed late. It is like home with a staff.

The Ambassade is like home with a staff, and all were knowledgeable about any tourist details about which I had questions. It seemed like there more staff than guests! While we stayed there, we were living on a quiet canal street in Amsterdam, and felt like locals.

And, FAST and easy internet (my wife’s iPhone, iPad, and my laptop all ran faster than they run at home.)

I feel like I need to go back to this beautiful historic city again as I didn’t see enough of it in three days, but I don’t need to worry about finding a hotel.

I found the one I want, and hope others will find it the same as we did – perfect.


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