Our Alive on South Beach Stewart Stewart models @CubicoBeats shirts. Cubico has a variety of #Fashion items that allow the expression of who YOU are. Come on in…take a peek–these are some great shirts!


CÚBICO’S heartbeat began when a group of friends from different backgrounds—musician, designers and entrepreneurs— got together with a common interest: express their passion through the way they dress.  They believe that personal style comes from the heart and beats in the world by what we wear.  That’s why they started calling themselves the BEATS. 

Starting as a small project, the BEATS imprinted their style by designing clothes that they would love to wear.  When they started wearing their own designs, friends and people around them loved the style and wanted to wear them too… This way, they developed a small production which was sold out in a matter of days.  This gave them the hint that there were more people (or BEATS) wanting to express themselves in a special way even through their basic clothes.  So, the idea of a brand inspired by people came to life and CÚBICO started beating louder.

With the help of designers, new amazing designs were created, inspired by people in the streets and by their own style.

CUBICO’S beat continues pumping through the inspiration collected from stylish people in the streets.  This is what the STREET BEATS do: hunt cool stylish people anywhere to inspire new clothes and make CUBICO beat stronger.

CUBICO is inspired by people like you – you are the amazing BEATS (or individuals) in the streets that inspire us.  You could be CUBICO’S muse for the next amazing design that will make CUBICO pump.

Each of the BEAT founders gave a bit of their soul to CUBICO, obviously, the musician developed CUBIC RADIO.  Creating a concept that fits stylish people, CUBICO is more than a brand – it’s a lifestyle.  That way you can live every day, listening to cool music at CUBIC RADIO, wearing CUBICO clothes, and inspiring new designs. Who knows?  Maybe you can be the next designer.

Because basics shouldn’t be boring.  Because you need to express yourself.  Because you know you are amazing!!

“Passion is the ink to print your name in history.”
Cubico’s Founder

For more information about Cubico please visit their website:  Cubico Miami Store

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