Alan Thicke was an entertainer and particularly good looking. From the time he was in his teens until the day he died, his good looks served him well. His children adored him and blame everything they know about sex and flirting from their father.

Anyone who thinks marriage kills a couple’s sex life hasn’t been paying attention to Robin Thicke and Paula Patton. The couple, who wed in 2005, apparently can’t keep their hands off each other — and they’re not shy about revealing what goes on behind closed doors. In a new interview with Elle, the “Blurred Lines” singer even admits that he and his wife might be too sexy for their own good.

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“The spice is not our problem,” Thicke, 36, tells the mag of how they keep their relationship interesting. “We’re overspiced. We could probably take a few spices off the shelf.”

Indeed, the couple like to get creative in the bedroom. Asked whether Patton, 37, ever listens to his music to get in the mood, Thicke replies, “Yes. In fact, she likes to do it more than ever now. Sometimes she’ll even play groupie for me.”

“My dad was single my whole pubescent period,” the “Love After War” songwriter tells Elle, laughing. “He had Ms. Alabama, Ms. Dominican Republic — every week. I was like, Dang, Pops. He had an indoor Jacuzzi, and he frequented it.”

Thicke says his dad, now 66, “was always very intuitive” with women. “And very smooth,” he adds. “He didn’t really tell me what to do. He told me what not to do, which is actually more important.”

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