Pres Uhuru Kenyatta has a thing for Luxury Watches

Like a wise man once said, waste your money and you’re only out of money, but waste your time and you’ve lost a part of your life. As such, keeping time is of utmost importance especially to a Head of State.

President Uhuru Kenyatta is one of Kenya’s high profile figures who is known to spot very expensive watches. They said that time is money and Uhuru Kenyatta’s time is quite expensive.

His collection includes 3 rolex watches, a Patek Phillipe Nautilus series, and a Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. These are some of the timepieces he’s been spotted with and they amount to a whooping Sh13, 350,000.

Check them out below:

Question: How much money does the U.S. give to Kenya?

Answer:  In 2012, the U.S. Government gave Kenya total of $749 million

The aid was broken down in the following manner:

  • Department of Defense Security Assistance: $335,965
  • Development Assistance: $114 million
  • Economic Support Fund/Security Support Assistance: $7.81 million
  • Food For Education: $5.82 million
  • Global Health and Child Survival: $334 million
  • Global HIV/AIDS Initiative: $342,725
  • Migration and Refugee Assistance: $75 million
  • Millennium Challenge Corporation: -$364,881
  • Narcotics Control: $3.78 million
  • Nonproliferation, Anti-Terrorism, Demining and Related: $9.56 million
  • Other Active Grant Programs: $16.5 million
  • Other Food Aid Programs: $10.8 million
  • Other State Assistance: $4.34 million
  • Other USAID Assistance: $74.9 million
  • Other USDA Assistance: $20,000
  • Peace Corps: $2.22 million
  • Title II: $86.6 million
  • Military Assistance, Total: $3.59 million

    What time is it?  It’s time for the United States to examine its funding to Kenya. If Uhuru Kenyatta has enough cash to outfit himself with multiple high-end wrist watches, he can help his country by selling the watches off and examine exactly how much foreign aid is winding up in his own coffers.

    It lacks sense for USA tax payers to continue funding countries whose leaders are investing in luxuries for themselves while their people need fundamental necessities. Former president Barack Obama’s family still lives in Kenya.

USAID_FY2014AFR by Syndicated News SNN.BZ on Scribd


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