Dark, intense, anger-provoking, and at times difficult to watch, this true depiction of racism, hatred, and the ugly abuse of power, must, fifty years later, be talked about and constructively dealt with until history stops repeating itself.


"A supporter of Hamas and sharia law" – that was how Linda Sarsour, a Palestinian-American activist, was labeled on social media after she pledged...


One of the most memorable pair of men in American mobster history was the infamous John Gotti and his lawyer Bruce Cutler. During one of Gotti's three most memorable trials, the prosecution played wiretaps recorded at Gotti's Ravenite Social Club. The recordings were of mobsters conspiring and colluding on their current and future criminal activity. When all of a sudden, the attorney recognizes his own voice and the court gasped...

Chris Rock’s prenup

Celebrities give each other that knowing 'nod' when news gets out that their marriage has failed. The nod is how they let each other know they are safe with an ironclad pre-nup to protect their interests. But what happens when too much time has passed?