Last year, Wikipedia's hypocritical Legal and Editorial Department staff gave completely opposite statements when it came to posting or editing a page. What they did not state was that in reality, 90% of the online Wiki Page Creators and Wiki Page Editors are current employees of Wikipedia. And yes, they are aware that their "terms of service" are not being respected by their own editors within Wiki or outside of Wiki.


Family Attorney Chris Doland and uncle Omari Sealy enjoy a good giggle after having successfully collected thousands of dollars for a corpse. District Attorneys in CA, NY and perhaps even NJ are fearful of being politically incorrect. The corpse underwent putrefaction months ago.

Apple Wearables

While we accepted and reviewed material about Apple's wearables from all entries, it was Tony Crespo who coordinated and chose what material he wished to use about "the wearables".

Selling the girl next door

Internationally, countries have not even agreed on a standardized age where a child should even be considered for sexual activity because the sexual age is dictated by religion, culture and custom. Currently that age for female children to be used sexually ranges anywhere from 5 years to 18 years of age. Sex with children is still protected by law in many countries. This is a case for the Hague.

Luxury Items available here…

Hong Kong and India experienced the most significant gains in HNWI population and wealth in 2012, following steep declines in 2011. Hong Kong's HNWI population grew by 35.7 percent and their wealth by 37.2 percent, while India's population grew by 22.2 percent and their wealth by 23.4 percent.