For the past 25 or so years, I have had a studio on South Beach. From time to time whenever my friends or friends of my friends were in town they would stop by for a cup of coffee and some stimulating conversation. Someone suggested that our conversations, along with some of the quirkier interviews I did for Alive on South Beach, would make an interesting radio show. After listening to hours and hours of taped interviews, I selected those I think are an entertaining mix. So sit back and enjoy, “CONVERSATIONS with Stewart Stewart”.  Paul McCartney opens our show.

My first guest is known as “The Fight Doctor”.  He’s Ferdie Pacheco, a 20th century Renaissance Man. You see he’s a doctor, a pharmacist, an author, an Emmy award-winning fight analyst, a sensational ferdie-pacheco-gettypainter and someone who has always approached life with passion.

Ferdie Pacheco with Marv Albert



Next is TV producer Barney Rosenzweig who along with his wife, actress Sharon Gless, recently went to Havana on a cultural exchange trip. He describes the unique money system that has kept Cuba afloat these past 54 years. He also shares hbarneyrosenzweigis experiences and critiques some of the restaurants in Havana. We leave this segment with the Ace of Base’s rendition of Cuba, Cuba Libre.

Barney Rosenzweig & Sharon Gless


One of the most fascinating conversations I had was with Classical Orchestral Conductor James Judd. If you ever 30384[1]wondered what it feels like to stand in a giant classical Music Hall and lead 60 musicians to perform together, this is your chance to find out.

If you had all the money you would ever need to cover your lifestyle, with money left over, what would you do with some of that extra money? Meet Dr. Sanford Ziff, founder of Sunglass Hut of America and find out how he’s giving back to his community.2793194-Beatrice-Clancy-&-Sanford-Ziff

Sanford and Beatrice Ziff

Our “WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO…” segment reaches into The Witness Protection Program to speak with a long time fugitive.

My next conversation is with Edna Buchanan, Edna_Talksa Pulitzer Prize award winning crime reporter.

Another regular on the show is “The Story Lady” who will tell us a story about a boy named Sean.




My last conversation is with songwriter Paul Williams and screenwriter Tracey Jackson.paul-and-tracey-640x455 They talk about a book which they co-wrote called, GRATITUDE and TRUST.

Paul Williams and Tracey Jackson



All part of the first episode of “CONVERSATIONS with Stewart Stewart”



Opening and closing, Paul McCartney singing his arrangement of the Johnny Mercer song “ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE”.

Renaissance Man by the Violent Femmes from their album “Blister in the Sun” published 3/6/10

Strike up the Band written by George and Ira Gershwin, performed by the University Laboratories School Symphonic Band with arrangement by Warren Barker.

Give Me Money by Barrett Strong

Newspaperman by Pete Seeger, Published 11/5/2014, Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises





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