Elaine Lancaster 2As the social season in Miami kicks off, in Episode 52 of Alive on South Beach, Stewart and Dena went to several food festivals, trade shows, and food-trade festival-shows. Needless to say, those with food were the most delectable, however the industry shows turned out to be quite informative, with entrepreneurial creativity and interesting characters.

Also mentioned, are Dena’s newly published book, “Inner Peace … It Isn’t Out There!” a novelesque memoire, available in print (and Kindle) at Amazon.com and other e-book sites (Barnes & Noble, etc.); and Stewart’s new radio show, “Conversations” with people who have something to say.

With a special congratulations to Stewart for being honored by Slaps Illustrated as the first “slaptagger”.

Stay tuned for the upcoming events; Art Center/South Florida’s 30th anniversary party (at which both Dena and Stewart’s paintings are on exhibit), the annual Miami White Party (this year at the Perez Art Museum with Elaine Lancaster hosting), the Miami Book Fair International, Art Basel Miami Beach, NATPE Conference, the Miami International Film Festival, and so much more.


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