Newlyweds Sherry Kaplan Roberts and Alice Randolph celebrate their marriage after 31 years of togetherness.

After 31 years together and having raised 3 fantastic sons who have 3 terrific partners and a total of 4 grandchildren, newlyweds Sherry Kaplan Roberts and Alice Randolph celebrated their wedding reception yesterday in Miami Beach, Florida.

These two lovely women are not just a long standing family, but they are professionals have a long, successful business history together as well. They own mental health service residences for people needing long term care, assisted living and congregate living communities in the states of Ohio, Nevada, West Virginia and Florida.

And Dr. Alice Randolph, Ed.D MS Clinical Psycho-pharmacology Psychologist is duly licensed in the states of Ohio, Louisiana, Nevada, and Florida. Sherry Roberts has served as Chief Operating Officer to this group of health care facilities that the women own and manage.

Their philosophy is to nurture the worth and independence of individuals while assisting them in resolving problems, coping with changes, and adjusting to losses and difficult situations.

Their website says that they provide therapy, behavior management, training, and support for residents, families, and staff. They treat behavioral problems, emotional distress, cognitive loss, prolonged grief reactions and severe mental illness. They also offer specialized services for residents with Alzheimer’s Disease. They also provide start up assistance and consultation for family support groups.

They welcome the opportunity to discuss ways that the staff of PSYCHOLOGICAL TRANSITIONS can be a part of an individual care team and can contribute to the success and satisfaction of residents and their families.  Clinical direction is provided by psychologist Dr. Alice Randolph who has had many years of experience in geropsychology and has leadership and advisory positions at both state and national levels.

We congratulate Dr. Alice Randolph and Sherry Roberts in their personal and professional lives and offer them as a resource if your loved one is in need of a home for his or her next step in life.

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