Bankcoin Reserve announced today that its Chairman, Gary McAlister, has put up an offer of 1.5M Bankcoins (Approximately AU$2076M or US$1.94 Billion) to acquire London’s iconic “Gherkin” building from Savills and Deloitte Real Estate, who were appointed as agents and receivers for the troubled property in April.

This offer, which is well above the £650M (US$1.17 Billion), asking price, is intended as a strategic move to raise awareness of Bankcoin Reserve and the crypto-currency in the City of London’s influential financial sector. Bankcoin is the world’s only Crypto currency which is indexed to the 1 oz gold price.

“We want financial industry leaders to realize that they have another option when it comes to transacting stores of value,” said McAlister. “We are attracting those in the financial sector who comply with all KYC and AML regulations and require the ability to move large amounts of stored value assets back and forth each day. This can happen in a matter of seconds, at a lower cost and more securely all thanks to the Bitcoin developers. If you are looking for a medium of exchange, then look no further than Bitcoin. If you are looking for a stable store of value, then look to Bankcoin.”

McAlister is intent on setting up Bankcoin’s UK base of operations at the world-famous building. “It’s more than a building,” said McAlister. “It’s an icon and we want to preserve it for generations to come. It also has a lot to offer and I can’t think of any better place at this point in time.” The cylindrical 40-storey skyscraper was designed by Lord Foster and opened in 2004. Tenants in the 525,000 square foot space include Swiss Re, Kirkland & Ellis International LLP, and ION Trading.

If the receiver accepts the offer from McAlister, they will do their due diligence on the Bankcoin Blockchain, including the network and Bankcoin wallets to make sure they are safe and secure. Then, they will be able to monetize the Bankcoins for whatever currency or commodity the creditors require. Banks, financial institutions, investors, traders, including exchanges and all those supportive of crypto currency now have a store of value and a stable price which can be used to do business. Bankcoin will provide the store of value part of the equation while Bitcoin remains the perfect medium of exchange that can grow exponentially in value, as it should, to cover the huge demand that is going to be placed on it in the coming years.

About The Bankcoin Reserve
The Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) does not sell Bankcoin; it was instituted to provide the Bankcoin community with security and a stable price & mechanism which we have delivered. The Bankcoin Reserve has 10M Bankcoin as a security position should any issues arise throughout the Bankcoin network. The Bankcoin Reserve is a self-regulated Reserve and complies with all national and international regulations.

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