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By Ruthie DiTucci

An extremely shortsighted news reporter quit her job on live TV, outing herself as the owner of an Alaskan cannabis club and saying “as for this job – f*ck it” before she walked off the set.

Charlo Greene, while reporting for KTVA on the campaign to legalize marijuana in Alaska, took it upon herself to stop reading her material and adlib. She outed herself saying that she is the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club and that from hence forth she would be dedicating her energies to defending the legalization of marijuana there in Alaska.

This childish young lady is not exemplary of any pot smoker I’ve ever met in a life time. Anyone that I know that is championing for the legalization of marijuana would love to be in such a key position. As a news reporter, she was able to broadcast the news, attend closed legislation meetings on her press pass and be able to enter medical conventions discussing the pros and cons of pot smoking that are generally closed to the public.

With this great opportunity on her hands, she idiotically made an absolute fool of herself and threw away one of the greatest opportunities those that want to legalize pot smoking have available – an actual job in media.

Where she could have used her media access to help marijuana legalization gain acceptance, she threw away the opportunity for a moment’s instant satisfaction.

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