Yogi Berra passed away at 83


Yogi Berra is best known as a Yankees player who was widely considered one of the best catchers of all-time. Later in life, he managed the team, becoming only one of six managers to lead both National and...

OMAR SHARIF 1932-2015

Omar Sharif Biography Film Actor, Television Actor (1932–2015) Synopsis Born in Alexandria, Egypt, on April 10, 1932, Omar Sharif became a film star in his native country before earning...

Mickey Rooney gone at 93

Claiming Financial and Verbal Abuse by Rooney Stepson Christopher Aber and his wife Christina Aber, The suit alleged that Aber fleeced Rooney's assets and withheld proper medicine and food. Rooney's lawyers were able to prove the case. Rooney testified before congress about his own elder abuse experience at the hands of Christopher Aber, his 8th wife's son.

Yes, FRED is DEAD – He gets no funeral

Yes, the Reverend Fred Phelps Sr., the fiery founder of a small Kansas church who drew international condemnation for outrageous and hate-filled protests that blamed almost everything, including the deaths of AIDS victims and US soldiers, on America’s tolerance for gay people, has finally died.