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The true culture of American Football



Jerry Sandusky’s molesting boys on campus and in his house was not a secret in Pennsylvania Campus circles. But it took more than a decade for someone to finally come forward and put an end to the procession of boys Jerry Sandusky sexually abused on a regular basis.

Some boys, like one of his stepsons, suffered from his abuse for far longer than that. But Jerry Sandusky was a veritable God because he was a football coach. And the American institution of football and its sainted coaches are honored and protected like 13th century high priests strolling the Vatican halls. Many employees on campus knew that Sandusky was abusing boys but they also knew they’d get fired if they told anyone.

Why would anyone be surprised that NFL players and its representatives such as Roger Gooddell could so easily accept violence against women as a matter of course? Short of committing murder, NFL players have rarely been accountable to anyone.

And how can football players possibly take women seriously when the only women allowed on the field are cheerleaders wearing extremely sexually themed outfits? You should also know that cheerleaders are paid “less” than the minimum wage and are obliged to work 20 additional hours a week for free as a matter of course. That outrageous and illegal pay travesty was another football oddity engineered by the Football Lobby years ago.

Sexual abuse and domestic violence is rampant throughout the NFL because Americans treat football as if it were some kind of sainted religion. There’s another hidden story in this tragedy… When news broke out that the authorities were aware of this case and were going to arrest Ray Rice, the NFL sent professionals to intervene and talk to their contacts within the authorities to get them to minimize the charges.

Goodell tried to fix the NFL football violence travesty by bringing in a few white women to help fix a league whose members are 90% black. This organization’s Football Lobby also established the NFL’s tax exempt status.





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